If you are looking for Rhonda Lorch, I am happy to say she has retired. Rhonda has entrusted me to take over her website – including her great resources. If you have a consulting need, I would love to hear from you. I’m also happy to pass along messages to Rhonda.

Excellence in Planning and Performance

As organizations evolve, leaders need new strategies, systems and operations to get to the next level of organizational success. An outside perspective can provide support, advice, and expertise to move forward in achieving your vision.

EPP Management Consulting Offers Services in:


Through a structured approach supported by tools to monitor execution, EPP Management Consulting helps leaders confirm and plan their organization's direction, as well as blue-sky new possibilities.

Organizational Improvement

Whether your company is experiencing growth or struggling to understand why you aren't achieving the results you desire, EPP Management Consulting will provide the external viewpoint to gain perspective on opportunities and insight on challenges to pinpoint those specific changes that will deliver the most value.

Change Management

Using a structured process and proven tools and techniques, EPP Management Consulting will support your leaders and employees as they navigate organizational change – both from the process and people perspectives.

Leadership Development

Using a variety of approaches, EPP Management Consulting offers leadership training, team building, and DiSC behaviour assessment workshops.

Through a flexible and adaptable approach, EPP Management Consulting will help you filter through complex business matters by asking the right questions to identify strategic options, resolve issues, and create realistic plans to achieve your goals. I have assisted numerous organizations – in a variety of industries – move along complex journeys to make decisions (sometimes difficult ones) and be more focused to grow to the next level.