Organizational Improvement

“You absolutely cannot make a series of good decisions without first confronting the brutal facts.” –Jim Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap And Other’s Don’t

Whether your company is experiencing dramatic growth or struggling to understand why you aren’t achieving the results you desire, EPP Management Consulting will collaborate with you to:

  • Identify root causes of issues;
  • Create solutions to address challenges and increase efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Examine your organization structures and business processes to adjust to new strategies and changing work/industry dynamics; and
  • Build and support go-forward implementation plans.

By working with EPP Management Consulting, you will gain perspective on opportunities and insight on challenges to pinpoint those specific changes that will deliver the most value.  Organizations I work with often know what the problem is, but just don’t have the time, external perspective or internal capabilities to resolve the issues.  The following illustrates our approach.

Through the collection of multiple viewpoints and a collaborative approach, we create a realistic, executable blueprint that includes the actions, timelines, budgets as well as assignment of who needs to take which responsibility.

The approach is tailored for what makes sense for your organization while factoring in leading practices from years of training and experience.